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Resurrection, for real?

This is pretty much how I feel about the next month.

Finding Soul-o

Problems. I don't know if everyone does this, but I do it and it is a talent which helps me at work and screws up my personal space. It is called overthinking. You give my a few bricks and I'll make a palace out of those, but that imagination, creativity, mind activity comes at the cost of similar applications of it, in real life.

When I work on something, the best and the most creative ideas come to me when I am dreaming. I am not even kidding here! It is the truth, I think so much about these things, maybe obsess over them and then when I sleep off, some great magic happens and in one of the 3-5 dreams i might be having that night, I find the missing piece to my puzzle. I've solved complex Fourier transforms, various business solutions and innumerable everyday problems, in my dreams.

Just imagine, if I am doing so much in my dreams, what would I be actually doing every second while I exist? I do not walk thoughtless. I am never alone. I always have these thoughts in my …

Southgoing traffic

Times when everything just keeeeps moving south, without any sense of stopping or even taking short breaks of happiness in between. That's kinda where my life lies right now. I am slowly realizing that what I thought was the definition of hard is may not be enough to spell out the word correctly. These are the moments when your outlook towards your life becomes really biased. You either stop looking at all the good things that have ever happened to you and keep spiraling into the sulk cycle, which directly leads you to the conclusion that you were the : NOT SO CHOSEN ONE or you keep looking at the past and keep wishing to go back to it. In this case, you over glorify your past and end up with the conclusion that maybe you have made all wrong decisions in your life, all of which have led you to this doom.

Well, I do these things alternatively and end up pretty messed up in both the scenarios. This state mostly makes me feel like a fish on a plate, with some water till the plate…

Reliance Jio - Revolutionizing the future (B&E charges)

If you want to learn something about planning, these are the guys you would want to talk to. Planning their 4G launch for the past five years, Reliance has been doing their homework really well.
The Past: We all remember those tiny Reliance handsets which took the market by the storm and created a near monopoly for Reliance in that specific market segment. My mom still has one of those phones and believe me, they're durable. With the advent of severe technological changes and shortening of a product's (mobile phones) consumable life cycle, along with a rise in standard of living, Reliance has realized that the same model won't work twice.
That's the good part, learning. Now comes their implementation.
Breaking & Entering:  Airtel has bought the frequencies and the ad spots, launching it's 4G in certain specific regions and are publicizing it as much as they can. Airtel played it safe and kept their image and branding solely limited to the whole "Service Pro…

Bringing humans back to life - Removing the Vitriol

I would like to start by thanking Deeksha for inspiration and for clearing my head out. 
This post is aimed at explaining one of my recent realisations based on techniques I've practiced involuntarily over the years. 
A few things before I start : A. I love Fight Club.   B. I believe in the fact that everyone in this world, no matter who they are, what they do and how they exist, suffer through the same amount of shit.  C. Vitriol actually means bitterness but here I'm referencing this to a book I read a month back - 'Veronika Decides to Die' (thanks Zumur). Vitriol in that book refers to the bitterness which develops inside you over time, killing your willingness to live and driving away all the happiness from your life. It is that mundane routine which causes it, it is your diligent and loving husband, it is the career you've always wanted. Basically, something which makes you bitter enough to stop feeling everything good and rob you off your willingness to live…